Mail Server Setup

I was thinking about going for some email service providers but the monthly cost was a bit higher than my expectations per domain and then per user cost :O. So I motivated myself to set up a mail server on my own on a VPS. With no prior experience, it was quite hard to manage the things but nothing could stop me from setting this up :D.

There will be a detailed article in future on setting up a mail server (I am working on it). Maybe a tutorial will be better with the common mistakes a user can make while setting this up. I will keep posting about this venture soon.

My setup Details are as follows.


  • Linode (Nanode 1GB)
  • Database Server

DB Server was required to set up some database tables for Postfix Admin. A web interface to manage accounts and domain is very handy when you have multiple domains. I have DB server already set up for development and hosting my own websites. So utilized that to host a database for Mail Server.

Mail Server Specification:

  • Postfix
  • Dovecot
  • Spamassasin
  • Postfix Admin
  • Sieve
  • Roundcube

It was fun, I enjoyed while searching for the nasty errors and to keep the things pushing. A great learning experience. One should try out it for learning purpose at least.