sa-learn – Train SpamAssassin

SpamAssassin is one of the best open-source anti-spam plugin. Its powerful scoring framework not only provide the capability to catch the spam but also allow you to train it by giving it spam and ham emails. Integration with several setups are available in the form of plugins. I am using it on my Email Server… Read more »

Roundcube MarkasJunk2

As per my prior Mail Server Configuration, I had to set up the MarkasJunk2 for the Roundcube. Currently setup it as sa-learn to help Spamassassin to learn the junk emails. For some reasons sa-learn is not responding to requests submitted by MarkasJunk2 (I will keep posting regarding this). MarkasJunk2 working fine and provides the functionality… Read more »

Mail Server Setup

I was thinking about going for some email service providers but the monthly cost was a bit higher than my expectations per domain and then per user cost :O. So I motivated myself to set up a mail server on my own on a VPS. With no prior experience, it was quite hard to manage… Read more »